Chris Seaver

Writer/Directer/Producer/Editor/Co-Creator of Midnight Kids Productions. 

Chris Seaver and Clint KellyChris has been making movies since he was 7 years old. His love of Comedy, Horror and all things geeky have propelled him into the indie scene spotlight over the last 24 years, starting with his 1991 company, Low Budget Pictures, with which he wrote and directed 50 films and created countless characters such as Teen Ape, Heather and Puggly, Leo De Champ, Mr. Bonejack, Mulva and many others. 29 of his films are sold world wide through several different distribution labels. He has appeared on national Television 3 times, been written about in Film books 3 times and has been featured in several genre magazines, including FANGORIA, RUE MORGUE, HORROR HOUND, ULTRA VIOLENT and many more. After 20 years with LBP he created Warlock Home Video in 2011 to bring back the love and magic of Shot On VHS horror, directing another 10 films under this label and teaming up with his B-Movie soul mate, Clint Kelly, this pairing lead to them creating Midnight Kids Productions in 2015. Their goal is to bring you, the genre fan, a wide variety of unique, offbeat, ghoulish and hilarious content from feature films to web shows, podcasts and shorts.

Clint Kelly was born in 1988 in Columbia, MD. Ever since he saw “John Carpenter’s Halloween” when he HMM_6946was 5 years old, he has been hooked on horror films. In high school, Clint used to tape himself and his friends skateboarding with a Hi8 camcorder he got for his birthday. Clint then started to move away from skate videos to film backyard horror/comedy shorts with his friends and various kids who lived in his neighborhood. After graduating high school, he quickly realized that filmmaking was his A#1 passion and what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.Clint then befriended the late B-Movie maestro David A. Prior when he bought the DVD rights for Mr. Prior’s classic SOV movie, “Sledgehammer.” Clint worked on 3 David Prior movies (Deadliest Prey, Relentless Justice and Assassin’s Fury) before writting 2 scripts with Mr. Prior before his passing in August 2015. Clint also co-wrote and co-directed the short “M is for Munging”, which was a finalist in the “ABCs of Death 2” contest; a contest that had over 500 submissions. “M is for Munging” didn’t win the contest but it will be featured in the Magnet Film spin-off called “ABCs of Death 2.5.”

Clint met Chris Seaver in 2011 and ever since then they’ve been making movies together. Clint has worked as a cinematographer, writer, director, editor, grip and pretty much any other film job you can think of to cut his teeth in the world of filmmaking.

With Midnight Kids Production, Clint hopes to bring back the fun and feel of the movies he loves from the greatest decade of all time, the 1980s!